Excellent idea and great parent/child teaching resources. My son loves his and is practising writing his name daily through his own choice......"
Jemma Walsh


"Libby loves her box. She has not stopped playing with it. She especially loves her pencil case & has enjoyed showing her little brother how to lace the shoe.  She took it in to nursery to show all of her friends."
Mary Wilde


“My little boy's name writing card arrived this week and it's great! It came quickly and with a lovely set of pens. I'm really pleased with the quality of the resource. In just 2 days his overwriting is much more controlled. The dots and arrows show him where to start so I don't have to keep saying it, and best of all he loves doing it! 10/10 Thank you, Ready Steady School.”
Emily, Part-time Assistant Headteacher & Full-time Mum 


“My 5 year old daughter Isabella absolutely loves this box set. It has lots of different activities to keep them interested and it’s great fun as a parent to be involved with your child’s learning.”
 Charlotte Jilly Latter



"A lovely way to share fun and essential learning with my granddaughter! She was enthusiastic to try all the activities and continues to be creative with her very own little yellow box!"


"I have found the Ready Steady School Box full of valuable resources to enable my Grandson to be equipped for starting school in September. It is full of fun activities like cutting, tying, dressing prompts and a personalised wipe off sheet for practice with letters and name writing.  It is a great resource for busy parents (and Grandparents) offering hints and tips on preparing pre-school children for “big school” even a recipe for playdough!  I can highly recommend this product, it helps a child to gain independence, confidence and enthusiasm for the next big step in life".
Kathryn Green

“This is a great package for children just starting school and learning letters. It is easy to use and lots of fun. Max especially enjoyed the bingo game and the magnetic letters. Makes learning a lot more interesting.”
Helen Cain

Maxmum_orig (1).jpg

"After searching for comprehensive resources to support our youngest learning to read and write we discovered Ready Steady School and their Phonics box. As a family we have enjoyed sharing the activities and games and our daughter's confidence with letter sounds to make words has improved greatly. Even her older sisters have taken on the role of 'teacher'. A fantastic resource!"
Adrian Warner


I have recently used the second Ready Steady School Box with my two granddaughters and I'm hoping that a third box is in the offing. I have been a Primary School teacher for forty years and I know how important it is to engage children in enjoying reading activities at the earliest opportunity. This "Golden Box", (our family name for it) ticks ALL the boxes! 
...The material is bright, child centred and so varied with many fun games to enjoy and share. The learning steps are gentle but carefully staged to enable the child to progress from early letter recognition and sounds to CVC word building.  It's parent friendly too! There's no need for any adult to feel that teaching experience is necessary. The box comes with clear, simple explanations for adults to enjoy. To use a simple CVC word -it's a GEM of a find!

Mary Kilmartin, South Yorkshire

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