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A concept developed by experienced Early Years teachers

Educational Resources that prepare children for school and aid transition

An approach that compliments the principles of EYFS

A link between home and the school start that boosts learning

An easy to follow range of resources with informative instructions

Readily accessible way of engaging and supporting your child at home

Educational products that aid a successful first year at school

Access to online and social media educational support (in preparation for school and during that crucial first year)

High quality, UK sourced resources which conform to safety standards, personally addressed & delivered straight to your door


Which box is most suitable?

The Starting School Box is suitable for parents who want a framework to get their child fully prepared for starting school.

So if your child is learning to:

  • Use the smaller muscles in their hands, fingers, and wrists
  • Get themselves dressed and undressed independently
  • Fasten buttons, zips and velcro fastenings
  • Make marks using chalks, crayons, paintbrushes, pens
  • Recognise and begin to write their own name

 The Letters and Sounds Box is suitable if your child is learning to:

  • Interact with storybooks, discussing the pictures, retelling the story
  • Recognise letter sounds which may be in their own name
  • Play word games such as I spy
  • Read simple words using letter sounds
  • Write simple words using their letter sounds
  • Share and take turns when playing games.
  • The Letters and Sounds Box is suitable for parents who want a framework to get their child reading and writing.

Or try our Starting School bite sized packs and Letters and Sounds bite sized packs (smaller packs containing selected resources from the boxes) which focus on specific skills and include an information task card.

Whether it’s your first child starting school or you want to pick up fresh ideas and top tips in preparing your little one for the school start please join our Starting BIG school in September group on Facebook. You will love our supportive friendly community.

One to one consultations


As parents we all experience phases with our children and sometimes don't know the best way we can support. Anxiety about starting school, not settling in the morning at drop off, refusing to practise the school reading book, difficulties learning letter sounds can all be stressful times for parents. As highly experienced Early Years Teachers we offer one to one consultation sessions to discuss any issues related to Early Years Education and provide you with practical strategies, top tips and ideas.


  • Introductory 10 minute call with Jo or Lisa 
  • Follow up 20 minute call to provide practical strategies
  • Email to outline strategies
  • The opportunity to have your questions personally answered on email

Fully inclusive package price is £25. To book please visit our shopping page.


"After searching for comprehensive resources to support our youngest learning to read and write we discovered Ready Steady School and their Phonics box. As a family we have enjoyed sharing the activities and games and our daughter's confidence with letter sounds to make words has improved greatly. Even her older sisters have taken on the role of 'teacher'. A fantastic resource!"
Adrian Warner


Jo & Lisa

Pronouncing Letter Sounds


Listen to the 26 letter sounds, each clearly spoken twice before an example word is given.