‘Join our Ready Steady School Fundraising Programme today!’

Jo & Lisa

It’s simple all you need do

Register (UK only) the full name of your fundraising group with us using the fundraising contact form

We will then email you the next steps

Why should you join us?

  • An easy way to raise money for your fundraising group

  • 10% commission on sales payments paid once a year to your registered group

  • A positive initiative to empower parents in supporting their child using quality educational resources and online social media 

  • Developed by experienced Early Years Teachers

If I sign up how will it work?

  • Share Ready Steady School with parents, grandparents and friends at open events, welcome meetings and coffee mornings


Who are we?

As highly experienced teachers we are offering you the opportunity to reap the rewards of children supported at home and the benefits that brings to attainment levels alongside earning commission to boost your fundraising.

What are the benefits of children supported on their educational journey in the home?

Evidence clearly shows that by empowering parents to support learning in the home:

  • Improves educational outcomes for children

  • Encourages more parents back into learning themselves

  • Promotes family awareness of learning through play activities 

  • Provides a strong foundation to help parents and practitioners to support a child’s journey into and throughout school

  • Enhances learning undertaken outside of the home setting

  • Improves relationships between parents and children


"Everything you need to give your little one a flying start or added support in early years neatly packaged in a little yellow box. The letters and sounds box contains loads of fun activities to learn the alphabet, both in terms of forming letters and phonics, as well as basic literacy, all of which can be incorporated into everyday routines and play. The fishing game is a great way to choose letter of the day and fridge magnets keep them entertained in the kitchen. The pack seems to takes the apprehension out of learning and enables non professionals to teach in an effective, engaging way (with added support from the website too). A really great addition to any home with little people. Would thoroughly recommend”
Ellie Pie