Chart your child's progress

FREE  chart  showing some ways to prepare your child for Starting School

FREE chart showing some ways to prepare your child for Starting School


Parents and carers often find the run up to their child starting school daunting particularly if this is their first child. There is an overload of information and this is often coupled with their own anxieties about school. They usually want the best for their child and will do their upmost to ensure their child is well prepared. Over recent years schools have recognised that by incorporating parent information evenings, taster sessions and home visits into their transition provision they can help the process.

As Teachers of Reception/Foundation 2 (FS2) children we were asked every year about what are the best ways to prepare children for their start into formal schooling and parents/carers were surprised to hear that our priority focussed upon independence and social skills. These are the skills that enable children to cope with a busy classroom environment and develop confidence within that setting. However, every child has different needs and develops at different rates so there really isn’t one approach that fits all. Some children will already have good independence and social skills in place so the focus for these children would be different to a child who is still working on these.

To help parents decide on the priorities for their child in preparation for starting school we have developed a FREE download which details areas that you could focus upon ready for the September start. This chart is not sequential and only you will know what your child can do already. Also, it is not a tick list and there is no pressure for your child to be competent at all or any of these steps. It is a guide and should help you whatever age or stage your child is at.