Uniform Dilemmas


The main time for buying school uniform is during the summer holidays ready for the September start. Buying your child’s first uniform can be an exciting time which you can share and it can help you prepare your little one for starting school

 School uniform is now widely available in department stores and many supermarkets, whilst garments with logos tend to be only available directly from schools

 A great way to limit the cost is to mix and match budget lines for staple items such as grey shorts, skirts and trousers with more expensive items which feature a school logo. It is well worth getting organised sooner rather than later for the new Autumn stock but don't forget to allow for growing room if you buy early.

 Working out exactly how much you need can be a challenge. It is important to take into consideration how often you will need to wash each particular item of uniform. As a guideline, you will need at least 2 but ideally 3 of everything. 

 Look out for items with minimum fastenings, adjustable elastic waistbands in trousers and skirts and pull on pinafores which allow your child to become independent when dressing and undressing. 

If your school has a tie, it is worth investigating if you can purchase a clip-on or elasticated pre-tied version. 

 Non-iron garments save on laundry time and Teflon coatings are great for limiting stains. 

 One PE kit is sufficient as these are generally only sent home half termly for washing. 

 School uniform policies usually specify the type of coats they allow children to wear. However, particularly in Reception, a warm waterproof coat with a decent hood is a good investment, as children can spend a lot of time in the outdoor area. 

 To cut costs, especially for items with logos, find out if there’s a second-hand uniform sale at school or ask any friends with children in the year above at the school if they have any old uniform to hand on.

 Our top tips are:

  •  Mix and match to suit your budget

  • Look out for easy fastenings

  • Buy easy care items

  • Allow for Summer growth spurts when choosing sizes

  • Please remember to LABEL, LABEL, LABEL EVERYTHING!

This is a really special time and on their very first day at school remember to take a snap of your little one in their uniform at the school gates for the family album!