Preschool Workshops

Starting school is an important milestone in any child and family’s life. With this in mind most schools offer some form of orientation sessions or preschool workshops. For your child these provide a great opportunity for

  • Staff to get to know them
  • Meeting other children who will starting school at the same time
  • Familiarising themselves within a new environment
  • Practising skills they will need at school which may include completing a table-top activity, tidying up, sitting and listening to a story 

As a parent you may wish to consider using this time to

  • Arrange play dates with other children that will be in the same class.
  • Notice things in the classroom environment that may form later discussions with children such as cloakroom organisation (shoes, PE kit and lunch boxes), toilet and hand washing facilities (girls/boys or mixed toilets, paper towels or hand dryers?)
  • If available your child can try on uniform samples for sizing before ordering and you can find out if the school runs a second hand uniform shop
  • Chat to the class teacher about any particular needs your child may have or arrange an appointment to share further information.

As parents you can make a big difference in helping to prepare your child for school. Talk with your child in a positive, cheerful way about attending these sessions and…..have FUN!