Love Audio Books

Children all over the world love listening to stories. It is so important to spend time sharing books with our children and retelling stories but listening to audio books is a valuable activity also. My own children loved listening to story CDs on long car journeys and often after the bedtime story they lay snuggled up in bed listening and relaxing to favourite stories on portable child stereos as they nodded off to sleep. Listening to audio stories has 3 main benefits

  • Improves listening skills developing their attention span and concentration. Children tend to talk more than they listen, listening to a story not only makes them more attentive, but keener to listen and understand.
  • Encourages creativity and imagination. Listening to a story helps a child imagine the characters, places, plot and so on instead of seeing it on a visual medium. This also enhances creativity, making them more imaginative and open to ideas and free thinking. 
  • Enhances language skills as they learn new words and phrases