It's the little things that make the difference

 Leaving nursery and starting school can be a big step for children and parents/carers are often unsure of what is the best way to prepare their child. Every parent wants the best start for their child and this can be helped by encouraging children to become independent. Tasks that appear simple and common place to us as adults can often present children with challenges as they seek to gain independence
Help them to help themselves
Time pressures at home often result in adults helping children to get dressed and undressed rather than encouraging them to do it themselves. Once children start school being able to put on their coat, fasten their shoes and pack their own bags can give them an advantage over children who have to wait for adult assistance. Imagine the reward for the child who puts on and fastens their own shoes and coat and is first out of the door to play. Consider for a moment the challenges presented to a young child by the range of fastenings on their clothes whilst getting changed for PE. Buttons on shirts, zips on trousers and velcro on shoes. Taking time to teach children how to master these skills and therefore gain independence and confidence will help your child once they start school giving them a flying start.
Practise Velcro, button and an open ended zip fastening on the Ready Steady school pencil case.