I Can Write My Name

Naming children is one of the first big decisions parents make for their child. Names become part of our identity and are with us for the rest of our lives. Many parents will look into the meaning behind their preferred names before settling upon one.
When children start school the written form of their name takes on an increased importance. They need to be able to recognise it on labels that identify their belongings, drawer, cloakroom peg etc. They also begin to learn to write their own name so that they can label their own work and begin to recognise letters and letter sounds that are personal to them.
As we know old habits are hard to break so teachers want children to learn to write their name using the correct letter formation with a capital letter at the beginning and lower case letters for the rest.
We have already covered pre name writing skills and top tips to getting your little one started in our blog (Race towards name writing 3/8/2016 and What’s in a name 11/7/2016). Please take a look! We include a personalised name writing card in our starting school box and will also include one in the letters and sounds box if requested at the time of ordering. This card features our Ready Steady School font which has arrows on each letter to guide children so they use the correct formation for each letter and don’t form those hard to break habits.