Get off to a flying start at BIG school

There is often a mismatch in the skills that Reception teachers want children to come into school with and the expectations that parents think teachers want. Whilst working with parents over the past 20 years this mismatch often becomes apparent during information and orientation sessions. Teachers want children to come with independence and social skills giving them confidence and helping the settling in process. 
Derbyshire County council have recently carried out a survey which identified 10 key skills which will ensure that children are ready for school. The keys identified as a result of the survey cover the skills we have identified to our parents over the years and there is no mention of name writing, reciting the alphabet, knowing letter sounds or numbers.  
Here is a series of questions we ask parents so they can identify the best way they can help their child prepare for school.
 Does your child?
·       Spend time happily away from parent or carer?
·       Play alongside other children sometimes taking turns and sharing?
·       Communicate effectively sometimes expressing a need or feeling?
·       Use the toilet independently, wipe, flush and wash hands?
·       Get dressed independently putting on and fastening own coat and shoes?
·       Feed themselves at mealtimes, use a knife and fork and eat whole pieces of fruit?
·       Show interest and curiosity in their surroundings and play?
·       Tidy up after themselves and take care of their things?
·       Pause in their play to listen and follow instructions? 
·       Sit and listen for short periods of time? 
Mastering these skills is the most effective way of preparing your child for school so that they have a flying start from the very first day at BIG school.