Fantastic First Days

Make your child’s first day at school truly memorable. Many schools meet and greet parents and child at the door and operate a staggered start system so that children are not overwhelmed by hoards of other parents with their children navigating the cloakroom and classroom. Take a photograph of your new starter at the front door or under the school sign. This can then become a tradition and added to every year documenting their progress through school.
Ideally whoever drops off on that first morning needs to put time aside so the settling in runs smoothly. Establishing a routine for the morning drop off can be really helpful this may include getting your child to wave from the same window every morning. Some classes have designated ‘waving windows’ and will decorate these with the children’s handprints. During our time as early years teachers we have invented lots of ‘responsible jobs’ for children who find it difficult to settle, this can be as simple as checking the gate is locked with a member of staff once parents have left.
If your child is upset when you leave them at school it is perfectly reasonable to phone and ask how they are to put your mind at rest. It may be an idea to plan a treat for yourself such as morning coffee with a friend to take your mind off wondering how your child is settling in. Before leaving in these initial stages remind your child who will be picking them up, when and where from.