Communication is Key

As parents we all want the best for our children as they start school. Teachers and parents both have their part to play in achieving this goal. Everyone involved needs to communicate effectively with one another and children once they start school need this skill too. Children’s communication skills are developing from birth and parents are nurturing these skills from day one. Being able to communicate effectively is hugely beneficial as children are going through the settling in period.
So simply, what do we know about communication?

  • It is usually a two way process
  • It can involve language, facial expressions and gesture
  • It can be used to express needs, feelings, concerns, ideas
  • Listening skills are key

skills are needed in school so that children can

  • Participate effectively in play
  • Build friendships
  • Express feelings, needs and wants
  • Follow instructions
  • Participate in learning

Develop your child’s listening and language skills by

  • Gaining and waiting for their full attention by saying their name
  • Talking about their activities and interests
  • Listening carefully when they are speaking…. BE A GOOD ROLE MODEL
  • Not correcting but responding by repeating back what they have said with improvements eg: “want go park” “you want to go to the park?’
  • Giving clear instructions that need to be followed, make this into a game
  • Identifying sounds and incorporating this into a sound walk
  • Sharing books
  • Listening to audio stories

If your child experiences difficulties with communicating speak to their class teacher about this as they will have ideas and little tactics that may overcome any potential stumbling blocks and if necessary put you in touch with services that will be able to offer further support.