At home and school baking has always been a favourite activity amongst little ones. It can be a merry mess-making activity but one children take great delight in. Baking involves lots of processes:-
. choosing the recipe – there are some beautiful recipe books designed for young children with colourful photographs and step by step simplified instructions so they can suggest what they might like to bake together and eat for tea
.  listing and buying the ingredients from the shop
·  weighing ingredients and counting, using words like ‘more’ and ‘less’
·  mixing, stirring, kneading, rolling develop fine motor control
·  shaping and cutting demands hand eye and spatial coordination. Experiment with letter and number shaped cutters for extra practise too!
·  decorating –  this is a real favourite task  where they can use their creative flair
·  washing up – has to be done! Encourage by hinting at what comes next!
·  eating and sharing together
My children especially enjoyed baking gingerbread people of all different shapes and sizes and decorated them with chocolate drops and currants.
So get the aprons out and visit