It's never too early to build independence and confidence!

Every parent wants the best for their child and this is why there is often a demand for school places. The deadline to apply for primary school places has now passed so it is an ideal time to begin thinking about the September start. Leaving nursery and starting school is a milestone for children and parents/carers who are often unsure of what is the best way to prepare their child. Every parent wants their child to settle, progress and thrive in their first year but often don’t know the best way to achieve this. Preparation is key to a successful transition and it is never too early to begin.
When children start school it really is the little things that make the difference and it is never too early to start! A good starting point at this time of the year with the colder days is to practise fastenings so that children become independent when putting on their coats and shoes.

It is important to remember that the adult-to-child ratio is much lower in school and therefore when children start at school they require a higher level of independence plus time pressures at home often result in adults doing tasks for children such as to getting dressed and undressed rather than encouraging them to do it themselves.

Our Ready Steady School specially designed pencil case challenges and teaches a child to fasten, zip and button in preparation for getting themselves dressed and undressed. Taking time to teach children how to master these skills and therefore gain independence and confidence will help give them a flying start to school. 

Encouraging independence at these tasks will reward you in September with a confident, independent and happy child dressed appropriately and at the front of the line ready for playtime rather than in a queue waiting for adult help!