Fishing for Success


Children love fishing games and there are many adaptations to make this game relevant to your child’s stage of learning.
To play the fishing game
You need:

  • Fishing rods with magnetic ends

  • alphabet cards

  • metal paperclips to attach to each card.

How to play:
Each player takes turns to fish with their rod and pick up a card from the selection available.
Some Variations

  • Children who are learning to write or recognize their name can play fish for letter sounds that are in their name. Once caught they can say the sound, look at the corresponding picture on the back and order the letters to make their name. Where children have duplicate letters in their name extras will need to be made.

  • The game can be played with the letter sound cards that children are learning but remember to include some known letter sounds for revision and to boost confidence. Once caught children can say the sound on the card, look at the picture on the reverse and add them to their pile.

  • Use a selection of simple picture cards, once caught participants sound out the word eg: c-a-t.

  • Using simple picture and word cards one player catches a card and reads it to the other player who either makes the word out of magnetic letters or writes the word. If the letters match those on the card the player wins the word.

  • The Ready Steady School Letters and Sounds box contains 2 magnetic fishing rods and 26 letter sound cards with bright colourful pictures on the reverse of each one which can be used for the fishing game. These are one small component of a comprehensive resource that takes you through the stages of learning to read and write simple words in a fun and informal way.