Christmas Lists

As fairy lights are being turned on in shopping centres and supermarkets display Christmas delicacies use the build up to the festive season as an opportunity to create lists with your little ones.
Shopping lists, present lists, job lists, card lists, the list is endless! By writing lists adults are modelling writing and children learn that writing has a purpose.
Children usually don’t need much encouragement to write a Father Christmas wish list and they can even post this to the North Pole.  Don’t forget to include your full name and address in the letter to receive a reply back. The list may be pictorial with drawings, cut out pictures from magazines, contain initial letter sounds, or include some whole word attempts. Praise any success!
Top tips :-
Little ones love clip boards, they give a sense of importance!
White boards and dry wipe pens are popular as the writer can erase and start again.
Print off some festive themed paper.
In addition to this you could also ask them to write a list of children and teachers they want to write cards to so you know exactly how many you need to buy together.