Are you having fun and games helping your child to learn their letter sounds? We hope so! 

If we want children to be engaged and motivated to learn then it is essential we make it fun!

This is why reception staff will plan your child’s learning through PLAY!


So here are a few games that can be used whatever your child’s stage of learning to read and write:

Fishing game 
You need:

·      Fishing rods with magnetic ends

·      alphabet cards or magnetic letters

·      metal paperclips to attach to each card

Play by taking turns to fish with a rod and pick up a letter from the selection available.

·      Children who are learning to write or recognize their name can play fish for letter sounds that are in their name. Once caught they can say the sound, look at the corresponding picture on the back and order the letters to make their name. 

·      Play with the letters that children are learning but remember to include some known letter sounds for revision and to boost confidence. Once caught children can say the sound on the card, look at the picture on the reverse and add them to their pile.

·      Use a selection of simple picture cards, once caught participants sound out the word eg: c-a-t

·      Using simple picture and word cards one player catches a card and reads it to the other player who either makes the word out of magnetic letters or writes the word. If the letters match those on the card the player wins the word.

I Spy

The traditional way of playing I spy with my little eye is a great way of getting children to hear initial sounds in words. 

·     Extend by getting children to link sounds with letters on the letter cards, either sticking to one letter or matching the letter after the object has been correctly identified.

·      Once children are confident sound out the word eg: c-a-t


Treasure and Scavenger Hunts

Children love this type of game

·      Objects/pictures for the hunt can be hidden in the environment to make the game easier.

·      Supply clues of objects to find e.g. something that grows on trees and is green. Then identify the initial sound and match the letter card.

·      Challenge how many things can you find that begin with the letter……..

·      Extend by finding an object for every letter of the alphabet.

So remember it is really important to keep all learning FUN!